South Pacific Cruises

As navigator Loïck Peyron said,
« The most beautiful journey is the one we haven’t taken yet. »

A Human Adventure

Prepare yourself for the most beautiful journey and join us aboard the Tuhaa Pae IV for a warm and human adventure through the Australes Islands of French Polynesia.

Beyond the cliché of a postcard, this unique and atypical cruise will take you off the beaten path and into the heart of life in the Pacific islands.

From Tahiti to Rapa, via Tubuai, Rurutu, Rimatara, and Raivavae, let yourself be moved by the authenticity of its people with their laughing eyes and smiles marked by salt and sun.

Each island, in turn, will charm you with its cultural and artisanal specificities.

The Classic Cruise of the Australes Islands

Discover the Australes lands and their people with the classic circuit.

This 6-day and 7-night cruise will take you from Tahiti, the main island of French Polynesia, to Rimatara, the smallest of the Australes Islands.

You will then sail to Rurutu, “the island of whales,” renowned for its pandanus fiber basketry, then to Tubuai and its wonderful lagoon with turquoise waters.

Finally, you will set course for Raivavae where you can discover the famous sewn canoes or the “Smiling Tiki” before returning to Papeete, the capital of Tahiti.

This cruise is available at a rate of 2 trips per month.

The Great Cruise of the Australes Islands

For sea lovers and navigation enthusiasts, we offer a 9-day and 10-night circuit. This end-of-the-world cruise will allow you to discover Rapa, the most remote and isolated island of French Polynesia.

This cruise is a unique opportunity to discover this island with its wild and preserved nature. Indeed, Rapa, also called “Rapa iti” (little Rapa), is only accessible by sea, and the Tuhaa Pae IV is the only ship to anchor there, at a rate of 12 trips per year.

This circuit will be a great opportunity to feed your soul as a South Seas adventurer.


Put on your best smile and come party with our crew aboard the Tuhaa Pae IV. Festive and warm atmosphere guaranteed!

For the most adventurous, you will have the opportunity to go trolling and participate in the preparation of your meal.

The most poetic and romantic can enjoy the beautiful starry sky of the Pacific.

Boat trips are also planned around the islands for those who want to discover clam fishing.

For each island visited, onshore services are provided and included in the price of the cruise.

A typical day starts with a good breakfast on board. Disembarkation is scheduled for around 9 am for a return around 4:30 pm. Onshore services vary depending on the island. The services on land vary depending on the island.

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