Rimatara Excursion Cruise: Discover the Polynesian Jewel - Book Now

Join us for a memorable day in Rimatara, a hidden treasure of French Polynesia. On the agenda: cultural discovery, breathtaking landscapes, and total immersion in the beauty and traditions of this unique island. Experience an authentic and enriching journey, perfectly integrated into your cruise itinerary.

Imagine yourself walking on the white sandy beaches of Rimatara, surrounded by the striking beauty of nature and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. Visualize the vibrant colors of the Vini Ura flying in the blue sky, and feel the cultural richness through artisan workshops and historical sites. Every corner of Rimatara offers a new discovery, a new story to tell, promising to make your excursion as captivating as it is memorable.

Highlights of the Rimatara Tour

  • Traditional Welcome Ritual

    Start your tour of Rimatara with a unique welcome ritual, an immersive tradition that instantly immerses you in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the island.

  • GPT Picturesque Villages and Local Culture

    Explore the essence of Rimatara through its authentic villages of Amaru, Anapoto, and Mutuaura. Discover a culture rich in stories and traditions, reflecting the unique and colorful island life.

  • Historical Sites and Heritage

    Delve into Rimatara’s fascinating past with visits to the historic lime kiln and the royal cemetery of Amaru. These iconic sites recount the tales of the island’s rich heritage and ancestral traditions.

  • Traditional Crafts and Weaving Workshops

    Experience an immersive journey by participating in pandanus weaving workshops, offering a window into traditional craftsmanship and local expertise. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with the artistic soul of Rimatara.

  • Biodiversity and Observation of the Vini Ura

    Embark on an ecotourism adventure by observing the Vini Ura, an iconic bird of the island. This experience highlights Rimatara’s exceptional biodiversity and its commitment to nature conservation.

  • Local Gastronomy on Rereapo Beach

    Enjoy a traditional ‘ma’a de Rimatara’ lunch on a white sandy beach. This culinary experience combines exotic flavors with a spectacular setting, offering a moment of relaxation and enjoyment.

Practical Information on the Excursion

  • Duration: Full Day.
  • Difficulty: Accessible to All.
  • Departure/Arrival Point: The Island’s Port.
  • Included: Lunch (other meals are served onboard the Tuhaa Pae).
  • To Bring: Hat or Cap, Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellent.
  • Price: Included with Your Cruise