Historical Excursion in Tubuai - Polynesian Cruise | Fort George and More

Embark on a Unique Adventure in Tubuai, a Hidden Gem of the Austral Archipelago in French Polynesia. This exclusive excursion, integrated into your cruise, offers a unique opportunity to discover an island rich in history and breathtaking landscapes. From the iconic Fort George, witness to the Bounty mutiny, to mysterious archaeological sites revealing an ancient Polynesian culture, every moment spent in Tubuai promises to be an enriching experience. Our carefully planned excursion will take you through fascinating historical sites, breathtaking panoramas, and authentic cultural encounters. Get ready to capture these moments with our gallery of stunning photos, and discover below the highlights of your visit to this enchanting island. Practical information and booking options are also available to facilitate your adventure. Laissez Tubuai vous révéler ses secrets et rendre votre croisière en Polynésie française véritablement mémorable.

Highlights of the Tubuai Tour

  • Fort George: A Journey Through History

    Discover the story of the Bounty mutiny and the historical remains of Fort George, an iconic site.

  • Bloody Bay: Witness to a Maritime History

    Visit the site of the famous Bounty mutiny, a significant chapter in Tubuai’s maritime history.

  • Marae Taputapuatea: A Sacred Site

    Explore Tubuai’s grand sacred marae, a historic meeting place for Polynesian chiefs.

  • Marae Fanauraa: Legends and Traditions

    Discover the history and legends behind Marae Fanauraa, a unique site tied to birth traditions.

  • Marae Tonohae: Guardian of the Seas

    Immerse yourself in the legend of Aito Tematauira, the guardian of the seas, at Marae Tonohae.

  • The Legend of Taita’a: Between Myth and Nature

    Listen to the fascinating story of Taita’a and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from Mount Taitaa.

  • Noel ILARI’s Tomb: A Historical Tribute

    Visit the final resting place of Noël Ilari, a key figure in the modern history of Tubuai.

Practical Information on the Excursion

  • Duration: Full Day.
  • Difficulty: Accessible to All.
  • Departure/Arrival Point: The Island’s Port.
  • Included: Lunch (other meals are served onboard the Tuhaa Pae).
  • To Bring: Hat or Cap, Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellent.
  • Price: Included with Your Cruise