Explore the Wonders of Rurutu on Your Next Cruise

Embark on an unforgettable stopover in Rurutu, where every corner of the island is an invitation to adventure and discovery. Join us for a day of pure enchantment, exploring striking landscapes and a fascinating island culture.

Explore Rurutu, a fascinating stop on your cruise, where every view and sound evokes the magic of the Austral Islands. Be captivated by the wild and preserved beauty of its landscapes, from ancient caves to white sandy beaches, and immerse yourself in the richness of its island culture. Rurutu is not just a destination; it’s a gateway to a world of adventures, traditions, and unforgettable encounters. Prepare to experience unique moments, imbued with the tranquility and authentic spirit of French Polynesia.

Highlights of the Rurutu Tour

  • Mystical Caves of Rurutu

    Discover the ancient history of the island through its impressive geological formations. The caves of Rurutu offer a journey through time, revealing ancient secrets and natural wonders.

  • Beaches and Natural Landscapes

    Stroll on fine sandy beaches and admire breathtaking views. The tranquil beauty of Rurutu is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking to escape into a world of peace and serenity.

  • Culture and Local Traditions

    Immerse yourself in the spirit of the island through its colorful villages and unique handicrafts. The culture of Rurutu is rich in traditions and stories, offering an authentic experience of island life.

  • Unique Fauna and Flora

    Encounter a rich biodiversity in a preserved ecosystem. Rurutu is home to a variety of fauna and flora species, offering exceptional opportunities to observe nature in its purest state.

The Detailed Tour of Rurutu

  • Tane’ua Poto Cave : A fascinating journey through spectacular geological formations, immersing visitors in the ancient history of the island.
  • Tauanu Pass: Admire breathtaking ocean views, a true treasure for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  • Peva Beach and Taupe’e Cave: Experience the captivating natural beauty of Rurutu with its idyllic beaches and mysterious caves, offering an immersive experience in a preserved landscape.
  • Paparai Village: Immerse yourself in local culture, explore traditional handicrafts, and meet the warm inhabitants, witnesses to the island’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Lovers’ Beach at Narui: A perfect place for unforgettable moments, especially at sunset, offering a romantic and peaceful setting.
  • Nairoa Village and To’ataratara Beach: Enjoy a relaxing break on this beautiful beach, and explore the traditions and local lifestyle in the village of Nairoa.
  • Marae Arioi and Mitterrand Cave (Te Ana Ae’o) : Visit these significant historical sites, offering a unique insight into the history and ancestral beliefs of Rurutu.
  • Complete Island Tour : A circuit that takes you through the varied landscapes of Rurutu, including stops in picturesque villages and stunning natural viewpoints.

Practical Information on the Excursion

  • Duration: Full Day.
  • Difficulty: Accessible to All.
  • Departure/Arrival Point : The Port of Rurutu.
  • Included: Lunch (other meals are served onboard the Tuhaa Pae).
  • To Bring: Hat or Cap, Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellent.
  • Price: Included with Your Cruise