About SNA Tuhaa Pae

Our mission

The Tuhaa Pae Australs Navigation Company (SNA THP) is a company whose main mission is to maintain the link between Tahiti, the capital, and the distant Australs islands, and thereby provide a solution to some of the challenges that the isolation of these islands can present.

These regular connections notably ensure the supply of food and various materials and thus meet many of the needs of the local population.

These trips through the Australs islands are also an opportunity for residents to load their produce onto our ship and transport it to the markets in Tahiti.

During the back-to-school and school holidays period, SNA TUHAA PAE serves as a “school bus” and provides inter-island transport for Rapa children attending secondary school to the island of Tubuai. Indeed, the island of Rapa currently has no air service.

As you may have understood, adventure-seeking cruisers will have the opportunity to see, experience, and feel this strong and close link that connects us to the Australs islands and its inhabitants.

The Tuhaa Pae IV

Crane unloading dock

Built in 2011 to accommodate both freight and passengers, the Tuhaa Pae IV was designed to offer its customers a new concept of cruising that is more human, warmer, and authentic.